new article in Sculptorvox Vol. 1, January 2018

I have an article just out in the first volume of a new sculpture-focused magazine, Sculptorvox. The title of this first volume is Geometry of Nothing. The article ‘A Curiosity of Nothings: on the Not-there-ness of Andrew Kearney’s Sculptural Installations’ discusses Andrew Kearney‘s sculptural works, with a particular concentration on his installation at the Irish Cultural Centre, Paris in 2017:

Andrew Kearney, ‘Mechanism’, Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris; 20 April to 18 June 2017.

The magazine is available from  Sculptorvox.



‘subject to gesture’ at Gramophone Ray Gun 6, Liverpool, April 27

I will present a new work, a collaboration with composer/performer Benjamin D. Duvall as part of Gramophone Ray Gun 6 at Everyman Bistro in Liverpool on Thursday April 27th. The event is organised by Mark Greenwood, and will also feature work from Patricia Farrell and from James Davies.

The collaboration, ‘subject to gesture’, combines live reading and manipulation of the voice feed via a mixer and two treated electric guitars, a drum and other objects. Dock Road Press will publish a pamphlet version of the text and a diagram of the audio set up.

The note to the text reads:

‘Subject to Gesture’ was written in part using found material from a number of sources and being open to the political and cultural mood of Spring 2017. It exists alongside a collaborative work for performance developed between writer Mark Leahy and composer/performer Benjamin D. Duvall. The pair were introduced by Mark Greenwood, who suggested that they might work together and offered them a slot in the Gramophone Ray Gun series at The Bistro, Liverpool Everyman. The live work was premiered at Gramophone Ray Gun, on Thursday 27th April 2017.