fhst still 2Writing in different modes and forms is a significant part of my practice. This extends through the making of texts intended for or arising as part of a performance, writing intended as a visual or physical publication, writing as a response to the work of other artists, developed to accompany an installation, or as part of a publication relating to their work. My writing includes reviews and catalogue essays, essays on poetry, on performance, and on the relations between poetry and visual art. The links will take you to selections from my writing. The giving of labels to kinds or types of writing is problematic, as is any attempt to sort or categorise genres of text. What is poetry? What is critical writing for, or what is it critical of? The terms offer a shorthand to differentiate writing modes, some of which sit across or between types, some of which are at home inside these fences.

A selection of writing is listed below, and a detailed list of publications can be found here.

Poetry and Performance Texts

Art Writing

Critical Writing

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