‘his voice’ at Language Game[s]: Poetry, Logic and Artificial Language

I will perform ‘his voice’ at Language Game[s]: Poetry, Logic and Artificial Language on May 5th at Chelsea College of Arts, London.

The performance is part of a one-day symposium that considers the association between language and human consciousness.

Convened by Dr Sheena Calvert, Language Game[s] will include presentations, demonstrations and artworks from the fields of visual art, design, philosophy, artificial intelligence, science, linguistics and critical theory.


‘his voice’ at Other Codes / Cóid Eile, NUI Galway on May 12

I will present ‘his voice’ as part of the programme of Other Codes / Cóid Eile –  Digital Literatures in Context at National University of Ireland, Galway, 11-12 May 2017. The conference is hosted by the Moore Institute for Research in the Humanities and Social Studies. This two-day event is the first Galway Digital Cultures Initiative conference.


The schedule is online here.

Digital media technologies have forced us to reconsider the significance of geographical and cultural borders in social and artistic interaction. As Hudson and Zimmerman (2015) argue, “New media ecologies produce transnational environments, where physical and bodily location simultaneously matters and doesn’t matter”. Texts and images are circulated between groups and individuals in specific cultural and geographical contexts, yet they simultaneously enable the forging of networked virtual communities around shared experiences and interests. (from Other Codes website)