Breathing Line for Dance4 in Nottingham on Sept 9 2017

On September 9th I will be one of seven performers in the premiere presentation of Breathing Line by Rosanna Irvine.

Breathing Line is a live event, part human sculpture, part series of actions and exchanges, that will happen in Sneinton Market, Nottingham between 1130 and 1400hrs on Saturday 9th September. The work begins with a group of closely coordinated performers processing through the streets near the Market. Marking their passage, they lay a trail of £1 coins. Participants are then asked to commit to a positive action in exchange for 10 of these pound coins. The work raises questions around exchange and transaction, and invites reflection on our sense of value and what we imagine a positive action might be.

Breathing Line is commissioned and produced by Dance4.

It is part of Rosanna Irvine’s Figure Series, funded by Arts Council England.

Rosanna has posted a short piece discussing the background to the work here