Wax Paper Hour(s) – Gesture

On November 29th I was a guest presenter on Marcy Saude’s Wax Paper Hours radio show on Soundart Radio. http://soundartradio.org.uk/. Each episode of Marcy’s show has a different theme, A Grand Gesture mixed music (vinyl and digital) and readings that engage with gesture across cultures, media and genres. The show has been uploaded to MixCloud here: https://www.mixcloud.com/marcy-saude/late-november-2019-gesture-with-mark-leahy/

list of readings for Wax Paper Hour – Gestures

1. Sabel Gavaldón and Manuel Segade, from exhibition guide to Elements of Vogue: A Case Study in Radical Performance (2018)

2. Mark Leahy, from ‘What did he do with his hat?’ in The Graveside Orations of Carl Einstein (2019)

3. Hayley Newman, ‘Frottage in the City’ from Common (2013)

4. Anne Boyer, from ‘No’ in A Handbook of Disappointed Fate (2018)

5. Essex Hemphill, from ‘To Be Real’ in Ceremonies: Prose and Poetry (1992)

6. Trajal Harrell, from an interview in Hoochie Koochie (2017)

7. wittyy name, from The Marks We Make, a Voltron Legacy Defender fanfic on Archive of Our Own (2016)

8. Renee Gladman, two sections from Calamities (2016)

9. Mark Leahy, from Subject to Gesture (2017)    

10. Lisa Robertson, from ‘How to Colour’ in Occasional Work and Seven Walks from the Office for Soft Architecture (2003)

11. Tina Darragh, from ‘Adv. Fans – The 1968 Series’ (1993)

12. Tom Jenks, from ‘strikes’ in A Long Hard Night Troubled by Visions (2018)