in the key of

in the key of frieze‘in the key of’ (2015) is a set of 8 A5 cards published in an edition of 20 as part of the ‘his voice’ project for Counter Plymouth Art Book Fair 2015. Presented in a manila envelope with a disc and string closure, the cards are printed in 2 colours on 200gms card.

A body of text gathered via online searches for “his voice sounded like” was edited to develop a set of 100 sentences. These were tweeted on @gmarkleahy during the course of July 2015 as one publication of this material. Phrases and similes from these sentences were sorted into groups of 10 and linked by alliteration of key words. These were then formatted as a set of 8 scores or song sheets, referencing educational materials, teaching tools, flash cards.

‘in the key of d’

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