his many voice(s)

booklets for trimming‘his many voice(s)’ (2015) is a set of 4 hand-stitched A6 booklets that present material from the larger ‘his voice’ project. The booklets are titled ‘duets (statement)’, ‘quartets (simile)’, ‘sestets (article)’ and ‘octets (noun)’. Each booklet is 20 pages with a 2-colour card cover, and the set of four are held in a sugar-paper wrapper with a title label. They were produced in a limited edition of 30 copies of each booklet, with 20 presented as wrapped sets  of 4.

A body of text gathered via online searches for “his voice sounded like” was edited to develop a set of 100 sentences. These were tweeted on @gmarkleahy during the course of July 2015 as one publication of this material. Selected sentences are paired in the ‘duets’ booklets, and these along with additional sentences are pared back or partly erased to give the content of the other booklets in the set.

This is an excerpt of the material in ‘quartets (simile)’:

quartets for Other Room_Page_2