At Sounds Like: 3 Projects

Published by James Davies of if p then q books on 23rd September 2021.

Working with language as material, as sounds made in the mouth, as words gathered and assembled, the works in At Sounds Like remain present, without arriving, without conclusion. Engaging with ideas of how language can impact bodies and selves, how it coalesces in being spoken, or how it disperses in broadcast, the texts perform translations and distribution of words lived in. As iterations and expulsions these queer phrases, sentences and fragments accumulate but do not settle into statements.

At Sounds Like brings together textual elements of three writing and performance projects that engage with questions of voice, of identity and of language. The materials gathered in this publication have been presented as the central text of a piece for radio, ‘Hello! This is a test.’ (2020), as the core material for a performance, ‘threaded insert’ (2017), and as a response to Bruno Munari’s dictionary of gestures, ‘revised dictionary supplement’ (2021). In this new publication, they are supported by contextual notes, and illustrated with a selection of collages from a series made on residency at Arteles Creative Centre, Finland in 2018.

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A review by Steve Spence is available on Litter online poetry magazine here:

Extracts can only indicate so much and you need to read these pieces through a couple of times to get a proper feel for the work. This is sophisticated poetry and as I’ve suggested, particularly in its second section, is full of variety and interesting clashes which keep the pages turning. Its smooth meshing is at times quite delightful.

Steve Spence

A short response to the book by Luke Emmett is on his blog here: