performance text

HAND IN GLOVE: sinister hand vested sable lozengy couped

Pose 1         front double bicep    //     or pall affronty displayed coward

all glinting and shiny, catching points of light, light reflected, so where I look I cannot see that which I am looking at, … Erm or Vair / … the effect of the blazon is violent, a kind of dismemberment …        look at the general appearance,  … at skin tone, skin texture and quality, skin colour tone and evenness, blemishes, stretch marks, scars, tattoos, cellulite, skeletal defects and proper application of oil,           //         Plumetty or Papelloney /  assessing a diamond. …  quality is based on the stone’s cut, colour and reflective capabilities.  lozenge // field and tincture   Al’s fascination is with “a certain something” in Tom … a precious, shiny, gleaming something which is his desire itself, Tom’s desiring or desirousness. … fess and pale // most highly prized … related to the former gold standard, the value against which all other values (were measured.       Suits of metallic nature are not allowed. There will be no “T” suits or “G” strings worn.  // Proper / Vulned    evident in the gleam and hidden in / hidden by / behind the glitter …


Pose 2        side chest pose   //   argent dexter statant at gaze nowed

that which wraps the desired object covers it, and in covering brings it to visibility; the covering hides the hiding;   Posing trunks must cover 50% of the glute area. … should not have any decorations, ie; studs, sequins, etc.   fillet pall or bendelet // … “the subject is split, barred, marked by a fundamental lack. … one-fourth of a bar, never borne singly.           Choose a style and colour that complement your skin and physique. To keep the sides high and the back from creeping into unwanted areas, Pro Tan offers a product called Bikini Bite which acts as a glue to keep your posing trunks where you want them      barrulet and pallet //          pleasure is directed to those body parts which seem to be the remains of what would have been his supreme, but forbidden, Good;               You should bring at least two pairs of posing trunks with you in case your first choice rips, or some other mishap occurs. … the shiny wrapper is hidden by its own shininess; breaking out into scattered slants and folds the drapery reveals the coated body …


‘See my teeth, Jack – even and white. Three years of orthodontics,’ I murmured, wrapping my voice in silken veils of seduction.

Without missing a beat he said ‘Beautiful teeth’ and awarded them a lingering kiss.

‘And a beautiful smile?’ I hinted.

‘A rosebud filled with snow?’ Jack ventured.

‘Oh pshaw,’ I replied, a modest virgin.

I took Jack’s hand. ‘Feel my stomach, Jack.’ I put his palm on my abdomen. ‘One hundred sit-ups every morning.’ Jack slid his hand around my waist, found my lower back and drew me to him.

Our music changed cadence with the change in body language. His hot whisky breath touched my ear, whispered, ‘Your eyes are sapphires!’

‘Ah Jack, you understand how sexual precious stones can be.’

‘They flash with an inward fire.’      […]                   ‘Jack, tell me more.’

‘Your navel is like a round goblet; your nipples are two fawns, twins of a gazelle; your neck is a pillar of ivory; (here he glanced down meaningfully) it’s like the Tower of Lebanon that looks toward Damascus.’ (Robert Glück, Jack the Modernist, 46-47)

Pose 3       back double bicep    //    gules pall reguardant displayed coward

the covering is coincident with the surface it covers – they may not be pulled apart;   The expression is “apply several coats of tan, when you think that you are finally dark enough, apply another coat.            man is granted leave to enjoy representative parts of the Body, but he is also granted the power of speech,           Pro Tan Instant Competition Color            Jan Tana Competition Tan   Dream Tan     Dy-O-Derm  The unattainable/forbidden object approached but never reached … exists only as concealed, as indicated, as ‘faked.’             Apply this product with your bare hands. Many people wear rubber gloves – however this tends to drag the product   Love intends its object, it develops its vision of its object from all sides, all perspectives, all points of view. Yet there is always a spot of opacity, … This point of opacity is precious.  ”  // estoilé / engoulé     the trajectory of eros moves out from the lover toward the beloved, then ricochets back ” the covering alters and enhances the surface, it makes it richer, shinier; the object is made brighter and made harder to see (in itself);


Pose 4       tricep extension    //    azure sinister chevron segreant extended

to begin to describe the desired object, it must be turned into language, re-made in words, words that model that which is desired; and in this modelling they displace or shift it slant; … Man manages with the objects he has to hand,        and displaying cuts and definition – which create an impressive look on stage and allow you to “pop” when you pose    a blazon, devoting a separate stanza to each adored body part: eyes, lips, feet, breast, hand, hair, and voice. … scattered into objects of fetish worship, the adored body like a shattered mirror reflects back to the speaker his own act of self-creation         then he showed up with cross-striations in his glutes and the bar was raised      the words of the blazon fashion the desired object; the shininess of the language construct, the flash of the words, make known and hide the object; the verbal skill conjures up and smothers the jewel, clothes the gem in charm …


To Mason, a particular sort of male beauty is everything. It doesn’t exist in the world, but certain young actors and rock stars come reasonably close. Hence his art, which collages together extraordinary scraps of human matter – say, Alex’s face, Brad Renfro’s chest, James Duval’s stomach, various porn stars’ genitalia, Goof’s ass, Leonardo DiCaprio’s legs, et cetera – each body part carefully ripped from a photo or magazine, then glued down on a white sheet of paper and aligned with complementary fragments in painstakingly casual, Frankenstein-ish constellations.  (Dennis Cooper, Guide, 69)

Pose 5       abdominal pose     //    vert per saltire statant nowed

the object is embellished with jewels, carefully chosen images, or likenesses constructed of words, which describe and in the same gesture disguise what the speaker desires;              It is difficult to conceal a neglected body part when you are wearing nothing but posing trunks   No jewellery will be worn … Balls, occasionally tasselled, are sometimes shown … Scrutinized by the gaze of the lover he remains the silent and passive other, merely a collection of parts without human subjectivity.              BandRol A small streamer depending from the crook of a crozier and folding over the staff.  … the eye viewing the object is on the side of the subject, while the gaze is on the side of the object. When I look at an object, the object is always already gazing at me, and from a point at which I cannot see it …”                  the object is hung with decorations, they glitter there, and shift the gaze off and to the side, slanting it from the object; the reflection returns the light, returns the gaze back at / back to the looker;


Pose 6        front lat spread      //         purpure pile affronty at gaze coward

writing over the fetishised body part, polishes it up, makes it more desirable;          giving more shine … even more glossy … sprayed on from about 12″, Pam will give an acceptable shine that will show well on stage. … bezant // pean       an oil that will warm your skin and enhance vascularity.             making an incision and placing a pad of silicone under the pectoral muscle “The implant is about as big as a medium-size candy dish. Not as big as a fruit bowl and not as small as a small candy dish,”   Object (a) is the leftover of that process, the scrap that evades the grasp of symbolization. …  he presented with separation in his quads deep enough to lose your car in       moulet pierced // nimbus   “the letter kills” the body – our animal nature dies, language coming to life in its place and living us.   writing the body parts makes them shiny, the object is made partial, turned into words that can be repeated, be worked up into phrases and figures;


… and looked down to my side and there was a puddle of water between the two stalls under the dividing panel and it reflected light from the overhead ceiling fixture and through its transparency was the squared outline of gray floor tiles and as I looked at it I realized that I could see the overhead-lit features of this truck driver and the pale wash of his eyes and jaw line and cheek bones and following the illuminated shoulders in  the surface of the puddle down his arms only one was illuminated and part of his chest pressing through the flimsy t-shirt and down his forearms and to his wrists and the puddle moved a bit breaking the image into wavy lines and pieces of light and when his face came back into focus and the water was still I held my breath so as not to disturb it I looked in the vicinity of his hands two hands lit from various angles pieces of fingers with cold white lights and parts of wrists and all of it wrapped around a silhouette of a hard dick which he waved back and forth in the reflection his image for a moment looked like it was floating upside down beneath the surface of the floor and I was therefore floating right side up and from his vantage point I was floating upside down and he right side up … (David Wojnarowicz, Memories that Smell like Gasoline, 12)

Pose 7       back lat spread   //    sable pile reguardant displayed inverted extended

the hole in the visible, is that which is looked at but cannot be seen, because it reflects that gaze, and because it is not there;        The moon pose has been banned … If it is done it will result in immediate disqualification. … This pose is performed when the athlete turns his back to the audience and bends over at the waist; The moon in heraldry is always borne as a crescent, usually with the cusps pointing upward;            identifying the object as a hole is only legitimate if the hole is conceived … as the source of a sucking force … the moment when one bends down to pick up the soap which has slipped from one’s hands. … When a lozenge is voided … it is called a mascle; when it is pierced with a round opening it is called a rustre. the hole in sight attracts the attention of the one who desires, it is seen through a covering of language, a surface that shines and turns the light of sight back to me; it turns back to me and takes the eye of me, it turns its back to me turning my seeing over, it pulls attention, pulls language towards it, but this place of attraction is not palpable; it is a gleaming something that turns the light of sight back to me;



‘hand in glove: sinister hand vested sable lozengy couped’ in Open Letter, 14th series, no. 8, Spring 2012; ‘Negotiating the Social Bond of Poetics’ (guest-edited by Nancy Gillespie and Peter Jaeger), pp 74-82