Alytus Biennial performance text

figure : ground

there was a mouth in it

opening onto the part

where the weighing comes

to a finer edge

both of them drawn close

with threads among the trees

the camera follows

the gathering gloom peeled back

the structure holds

and when certainty returns

provides some comfort

in the forming of removal as display

the tips of the fingers

run along the rim

the hairs become erect

and the lines and wires and filaments

either way it gets done

another unspoken pull

variety show regulars

spindles a dapple tangent

of cones or suspended otherwise

a drop a hit and not as many

and then they are

and the two then made open

before all filigree clasped

with pin prick marks

that shed cups and crowns

[Text devised over two days of installation / making and performed as part of the closing action on the night of August 26th 2007; Performance presented as part of Alytus Biennial 2, Alytus, Lithuania 24th to 26th August, 2007.]