LAF performance text


barbed gadlyngs


on the bias  high-grade linens

tied notions above yardages,

he’ll live in this one, an affecting

type for token manufacture

slide-fastener hardware –

optional opening type, a flag

of allegiance balancing pleat

adds full- men’s wear –

beautifully appoint wristbands

on the long, against the straight

father, art-needlework ravels –

in this version he wears it open

from the socket bone to the focal

point, cut-glass treatments –


petersham dome and style at pads and wools in this version,

satin tied against flat notions needed reels before cutting –

shot plain to swell of hand hair canvas with or without nap interlining –

interlining circulating token, raised cotton cuff, wadding

more than beautifully appointed, super, does not allow for melton,

guaranteed perfect for the flap first time –


‘beaver’ button-down for the first time

one small button turn up for him, Jason, at base of neck,

and style at,

and two,

and joins to,

as tie press above yardages trimming –

socket bone designed to swell of hand,

separable in this version matching stripes,

he wears it open –

chest standard one-way services,

he’ll live in slightly gathered twill –


[performance text developed through the course of Friday June 6th 2008 and read as part of the action at Fish Strand Quay, Falmouth at 11.30pm that night; Performance presented as part of Live Art Falmouth, Falmouth, Cornwall (June 6th and 7th, 2008)]