voiceover gestures (2015)

[these texts were recorded in sync with the gestures shown on 3 video monitors; the gestures had accompanied a different text of the same duration; the installed work ‘voiceover gestures’ was shown in the exhibition Surface / Contact]

audio text (green)

I want to use the voice recognition fans / not too low / ready to go I think no / we’re racing games for movement / preferably recruitment statements / movements / are we going to move soon / are we going to lose I think the results / so what time are you thinking about / how voices park like a thing / how to talk about a boy / we need to describe it off like something so ringtones add on my call / do you have room / boyfriend’s shop for 40 / voice of world / I’m rich creamy in a / when was he in there / we only have a memory of the voice and we might use things like animals that reminds all alarm / Mark has made home for a kitten / for a dog or an angel and will be definitely on metres over patterns / that’s an awesome god when we talk about speech / voice of Han Solo / it’s the best home for a cool relation to something outside of speech / and voices are more than a poem of Alice’s to something that’s very on / that takes home somebody sounds like something / but switching history whistling sounds precisely your iPhone 5 rustles within trees / somebody’s life there is lonely holes / where are the details of the voice that means they have any desert descriptive shared cryptic way of / did the telling someone else what is it that boy sounds like / and there is so soft some other ways than sandwich speech get represented for weeks on the way switch when speech it happened and we’re sifting to remember memorial eyes make a picture of make a record of speech / miss sometimes / that will you through similarities to a new life with the new representation the way of / day of wrath / of picturing speech perhaps so then I record text in Spanish so the speech at home the saints or the prophet / really angel faced look nothing hungry clear things so instead there on the name perhaps or the movie phrases from the bible or from a religious text but I am having shown and forgive you read the answer / speaking amazing pictures and knowing how to look when making station wall code the world / heroes battle for word indicator send some bread to the away all over would you recognised wave all representing them highlands perhaps we text to 15 or in a castle of awesome / i come up to the development of earth graphic recording and the development of sound bar code you there video and talking cinema glee representation pictures /

audio text (blue)

so that sounds of recognising a voice of really knowing a voice search you are specific characteristics that is familiar your own closest to you that you know the voice through lots of room / eternity rings all of our own being surrounded by a rose voice choir within / the recognizer stone pointers baby is born on earth memory of parents / boys or a voice chatrooms your first time is school teacher sounds good having a sense of the voice and and it might be difficult to describe / it might be you have a memory of those memory all hearing down with you am and being very earlier than that interview intimate link to you / alarm maybe that’s so in phrases / I had catchphrases in particular want to go in a particular town or hymns not necessarily no recorders in late question of the voice laughing now remaining after somebody’s died / or being there with you so when I love is very tired so on a recording a very early image of paper is that the dog sitting on a coffin listening to the gramophone recording / is that a boy that’s sent off preserving a way of multiplying selling and servicing but all the time in the west the sense off the voice that we remember it at recognising voice is that is there a strong strand runs through ghost stories and through horror where any sense of the voice being present when the body is a films so particularly or cameo price of grove home explorers is in case of miserable tomorrow where is the possibility of m the bodies speaking at the moment that is explorer or Proust talks about open sense of remembering website who series guilty memory of his grandmother’s death in there and focusing on the back of the station with her on telephone as part of the way all i’m dozing facts emotional send note the error variety of Karen haunting Reuters or go to sleep voices even within a hot songs the voice of the dead boyfriend survives into the phone in a song like ‘tell laura i love her’ where his voice continues on past the catastrophic crash the beatles i am and converted to you sam grieving our current miss jackson on the medium and it’s this sense of posthumous speech the speech so separated come out from the bodies the speaking body is there wholesale going back home honey sensation off that discomfort of hearing our own records voice and of hearing are uncomfortable or so that tour sounds of hearing are december raid others voice and feeling having a civil experience mum /

audio text (brown)

how we find ways to sell to represent that isn’t always close to speech / gone off and to work /we’ll look for ways to the reason love are really slow so in some ways there are descriptions / of the speech / of the voice of / tired of this movie retained story already / for some other contacting are slow and in other situations have a wish to make a picture or make a representation offsite / I’m going dancing now so in this out of remembering in things in remembering speech in hauling apps and so bringing it back to mind there are lots of questions around recording technology or using ways of the money or using very bad exercises to bring a voice or a memory of voice work connection back to mine / and there from early on in his is the development of recorded technology there in the image of book for remembering or rental return and jewellery things about anything in Romeo and Juliet / french models pickles the dark see northern in time scenery gardens thing works / the lovers are talking switchover of learning to see you for they are engaged in chains which is this / this phone off to somebody boys or goes please voice or voice of that’s a program on the wonder i can see / also operators in living ghost stories or home store is the haunting or fables or over again particularly pre air recording in history of the case of missed your call / tomorrow oh where be there an experiment conducted to see if it one can speak physical body can continue after the life of the body / by the songbird message take it that means peoples relaxing to erase phone messages or even earth machine it’s a pity / remember about old and may take them out there get there alpha writing on room mountain / its freezing /very specifically where return coming home a song for running from that songs / a cigarette speaker might be shown as a moment of all racing at the moment all of our go to claiming so there stands for / indicator there speaking and indicate something about situation / Internet settings and that sounds of making pictures bit of a very cool thing / gestures positions when standing withholding on always have to work / speech was a fan fiction and simply a problem or the task for the archers / on the printer weather was making a mission on making representation find a way of indicating of speech happened or what’s happening for was an awesome the mighty famous or familiar to the old moment of speech / prawn Shakespearean plates from a major league okay for so the third there is about to leave physical code all hat stand up to send form oh and a traditional of making pictures of these pictures that’s it this street phone analogue and oranges recording balls and green moment of delivery /