#myLife Event {background

myLiFe 01102011‘#myLife Event {background’ (2011) was produced as a multiple for the Fireplace Gallery, Plymouth in October 2011. The Fireplace Gallery project was part of the British Art Show Fringe programme in Plymouth, and was organised by the artist-led collective Come To Ours.

It is an A4 folded sheet printed on both sides, then placed in a green envelope, labelled with a title and date, and then signed and numbered. The publication is titled # myLiFe Event {background and is in an edition of 21. The text references Joe Brainards I Remember and borrows material from live blog winston89   on Stickam and from a spam comment sent to this site. The publication was prompted by an assignment for Queer Eye Enquiry, a DIY 8 project led by  Chris Goode.

# myLiFe Event { background

[with thanks to Joe Brainard
and a spammer on my blog]

I remember wearing a grey and pink shirt and short set my grandmother made for me. I don’t remember being worried that it was pink, though I may have called it salmon. / precise novel as compared to guide bright / I don’t remember if I told anyone at school that it was salmon.

I remember the cotton had little slubs in it that wasn’t something I had noticed before. I don’t remember if I mentioned the slubs to anyone at school. / invalid_tag [spellchecker doesn’t recognise ‘slubs’] / burnt dotty on the heart

I remember the older boys changing for football on Wednesday afternoons. / skin are thriving to be panegyrical / I don’t remember when I grew up to be as big as them. / whatever holder measure you utilize / invalid_text body

I remember not wanting anyone to know I watched them. / having delicious, compressible meat / I remember holding my breath. / place that the oxygen stays / I don’t remember their names.

I remember being pressed to sing ‘Two Little Boys’ with my cousin into a taperecorder by a visiting priest who was a distant relative from America. / hidden followers distribute the style surge / I don’t remember ever hearing the tape back afterwards. invalid_text [spellchecker suggests that taperecorder is two words]

I remember that I hated the song for a very long time afterwards. I don’t remember if the lyrics were what made me uncomfortable or the situation. / or possibly a birthday praising sweet private /

I remember my father taking me to a sports shop and getting me to try on a pair of red boxing gloves. / more with dispatch gain much more / I don’t remember asking for the gloves, and I don’t remember if we actually got the gloves. invalid_text [deep down I’m never quite certain I haven’t dreamt this one]

I remember being a disappointment to my father in a number of ways. / tastes wiser and is also flakier owed to meaning / I don’t remember when he stopped trying and shifted to a sort of resigned acceptance. invalid_text [I may be unfairly shaping him to fit a narrative form here]

Approximately good-bye
/ kthnxbye /
Mark xx