Guaranteed Insurance

[text to accompany online animation project by Mocksim, September 2009; also published in tiktoc 6, ISSN 2040-0012, unpaginated; Summer 2010.]

The weeks passed and nothing happened. Or so it seemed. And as they crumble before us, what conclusion is there. Footage of the chase shot from helicopters showed a small armada of Greenpeace inflatable boats speeding into the security zone off the seaside resort. This allows the net to be periodically pulled on board while not knowing what another arm was doing. Happily, no one, apparently, was ever in any peril, though robustly ribbed, in two rows up the stem. Well, last night one shoe dropped.

Spun off on a river of crystal, an extrinsic motivation is evident from the spiralling demands of frustrated settlers. But all settlement activity whatsoever, including building houses on existing settlements gives some exposition with some vocalizing. There is your resistance to put a number on it, and the reports flood in from the Conradian heart of crazy Eight Years Later in a world currency crisis and a spiralling of trade restrictions.

Double columns can occur, as can plants with white. The two are linked through their actions and their fate. Nothing real to report beyond the obvious, that installed the falling shoe as an image of threat, composed of double columns of plates. Your vision for the interior is distinctive, with spiralling terminations that suggest the curling of elastic matter. I’ve seen this happen before, that first pair of shoes triggers a shoe tossing cascade.

A dim-witted character in the series kicks her shoe off to forecast the weather and has it accidentally fall on top of a truck on the site of the previous church, which was flattened when the tower collapsed in 1701. But a continuing rotation must recognize the principle of two states for two peoples meaning, concealing the blunt yellow lip.

Dark yellow ridges on the upper surface and a central suture line between the two columns of plates in the two-state solution. The midline between the two columns is the lobbies, the two houses of Congress and the friends. Tomorrow should be fun. It seems like we have a much better idea now of what happened this near the tipping point, deeply grooved and twisted.

The police and Greenpeace played a game of seaborne cat and mouse, churning the deep green waters of the Baltic white with their spiralling boat wakes. Shown on the model is the sterling version, but all of that falls deep into the background now. And I’m sure again the detailed arrangement of how this is constructed provides useful taxonomic characters.

It starts with one dreamer, tossing his or her footwear-of-old high into the sky. The embedded plates are still in position making use of simple moralistic tales to ‘turn the world on its head’ and justify the war. Essential in securing the correct turn, alignment, and distance of a sky full of shoes.

These are two sides of the same coin. All plates bear spines, which attach and articulate that in times of tragedy and in the face of apocalyptic fear, we need a comic supplement. Try to pitch a “dead-falling shoe” spiralling down again while it usually skids out of scoring radius whereby we see it returning safely home in a pair of quite large, spiralling boat-shaped hoops. This harvesting device as constructed has limitations in cutting dense, long-leaved grass quickly becoming a mirage in the rear view mirror?

Into the Teabag Vortex the shoe tree blooms with polymer beauty, they catch it in a net and it tows them wildly, until they land in another cloud, keeping the shoes well up in flight. The high floater will hook the stake from all angles, make lavish use of its new multi-plane, spiral it round to lash it on to the hook. Ruffling the waves of dew the situation will get out of control not adequately restricted but permitted to spiral upward.

Neither scores as a ringer because they are not open. Viscous drag on the orbital motion would then lead to a spiralling into the core. But the aircraft carrier is turning, very slowly, with an almost imperceptible movement. Now cast your nets wherever you wish, ever sure to observe a “square stance.” Step directly toward the mark, it is always disappointing to me to watch you tiptoe around discussions about where it’s really headed.

But if we remove the frills and bare the skeleton of the plan, we find that it is logical of any meaningful macro considerations. The pillars will rise only but not turn with them over some specific time period, usually several years necessitating a spiralling boat path due to the off-centre drag. The Green Line is not specifically mentioned, and was stopped in my tracks by the lobby. After all it’s just another falling shoe.