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I was invited to curate an exhibition as part of the conference Poetry and Public Language (Dept. of English, University of Plymouth, March 30 – April 1 2007). The conference was themed around questions of contemporary poetic practice and its use of public language. The exhibition examined visual aspects of contemporary poetry, and how these engage with public aspects of language: persuasion, information, display, and others.

Works by fifty-one British and international writers and artists working in a wide range of media and styles were included. Based in the UK, Ireland, France, Turkey, Canada, and the USA, amongst contributors were Drew Milne, Alan Halsey, Scott McLeod, Mez Breeze, Anne Charnock.

The web-based version of the exhibition is prefaced by a short introductory text and includes links to the artists’ sites, other online work, and further online poetry and visual art resources. The installed version of the exhibition at Cube3 Gallery, University of Plymouth ran parallel to the conference and for a number of weeks after (March 27 – April 22 2007). It presented a selection of the works from the online exhibition, and considered public aspects of reading in the form of the poster, signage, and the physical action of reading.

exhibition introductory text