Performance Writing 1994-2004

I curated this exhibition along with Deborah Price. It was planned to mark the first 10 years of the Performance Writing programme at Dartington College of Arts. The works were selected from submissions by past teaching staff and students. The exhibition formed part of the programme of Exeter tEXt Festival, before moving to the Gallery at Dartington, and subsequently to the Fine Arts Gallery at George Mason University, Washington, DC. Presented alongside the installed works was a progamme of moving image work and performances.

Exeter Phoenix Galleries, April 29 – May 16 2004

The Gallery, Dartington College of Arts, May 24-30 2004

Fine Arts Gallery, George Mason University, November 10 – 18 2004

(photos: Nicky Matthews; works shown include: John Hall, Bridget McLeer, Mark Leahy, Peter Jaeger)