muster page habit 2

Muster Page Habit 2 proposes an intersection of speech/thought and vocalisation that teases together a sensing of language as speaking through the body, that performs a talking that is thrown from the speaker outwards to a public/for a public/making public in the hope of hearing by hearers. The project considers agency and subjecthood as audited in textual representation. Tracking through word and sound it crosses Beckett’s Lucky, the novels of Christine Brooke-RoseWilliam James’ on consciousness, essays of Heinrich von Kleist, and Avital Ronell’s Telephone Book.

 A sample of the ‘live’ speech response can be heard via this link:

A sample of the textual material generated by the process of randomised search generation and conversion to a stripped back text file can be read here: event b (1041 hrs)

muster page habit 2 was performed as part of EVP on Tour, at The Cube, Bristol, 7.00pm, Sunday May 19th 2013

and as part of Textually Active 2at Plymouth Athenaeum, 6.00pm, Tuesday 28th May 2013

Commissioned for Electronic Voice Phenomena by Penned in the Margins and Mercy

Supported by AA2A at Plymouth College of Art

Design and production of  performance system by Neil Rose