Hello! This is a test.

salon de textes aVoice as (dis)connection to/from identity operating a fault-line between body and digital.

The track, “Hello! This is a test.”, is a ‘live’ response to found textual material that has been edited and re-edited via speech to text software and back via audio to speech and into text again.

The text I’ve been playing with has developed from collaging a number of sentences from the Harvard Sentences corpus, phrases from the Modified Rhyme Test, and panphones developed around speech synthesis.

Somewhere in these intersections of voiced sounds and sounded calling, is a crossing point of speaker as identity and speaker as transmitter, of a person’s voice and a voice emerging from a sound source. Anxieties around the fit between speech and speaker ripple outwards, linking to questions around ownership and data in crossing channels of communicating information.

Developed initially as a response to the conference / symposium A Voice and Something Else, Aberystwyth University, January 24-26, 2014.

The performance and text underwent further work for inclusion in Salon de Textes, Edition 2, curated by Delpha Hudson (April 11 2014 in Penzance, Cornwall).