for ‘even feed’

“together and she passed made again / after over redoing my mother’s action”

In the autumn of 2011, I worked on a contribution for ‘even feed: a sustained visual art and craft project’ organised by Gareth Ballyn. A number of artists, community groups, and other individuals made replicas or copies or versions of specific garments. These were presented at Oldway Mansion in Paignton in October 2011 to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of engineer Isaac Singer, founder of the Singer Sewing Machine Company.

For my version, I used a pattern my mother used to make a jacket for my father in about 1958. She made it in a red / brown plaid wool fabric and he had the jacket up until his death in 2004.

The white cotton that all participants used gave the garments a ghostly quality. I used bright red thread and a green zip to add colour and highlight the construction of the garment. When it was completed I wrote a text in fabric pencil round the hem, that referred to the garment’s history. See Gareth Ballyn’s website even feed page for more details.