flat-head self-tapping (muster page habit 1)

‘flat-head self-tapping’ engages with questions of speaking in public, of being on show, of being heard, and displaying coded behaviour. Deriving elements from Bell’s Standard Elocutionist and online dictionaries, the performance text stitches fragments, word lists, letters, and gestures into a display of awkward flapping interrupted by gnomic expulsions. Standing on a low plinth the performer listens to instructions and phrases on headphones and then repeats these verbally or physically toward the audience.

or cocktail device consisting of tatty scrub to support a broken limb.

Resembling ancient shorthand, more grayish-white than needed,

words in a text. Fling or be flung,

a knitted cuff for identification printed on one side;

plain white under another shirt. being gradually displayed).

The sameness of data items in harmony.

The work was developed for the ‘plinths’ element of PW12: Performance Writing weekend at Arnolfini, Bristol on Saturday May 5th 2012.

‘flat-head self-tapping’ was presented as part of the From Devon with Love programme at Barbican Theatre, Plymouth in January 2015.

And as part of Care + Attend, curated by Emma Cocker and Joanne Lee at Chelsea School of Art, London. Part of Unconditional Love, The Society for Artistic Research Spring Event, April 2015.

A version for screen has been developed with video and editing by Neil Rose; the trailer is available at Vimeo here.