‘capes, folds, drapes’ (2023)

This text was performed as part of the First Thursday event, ‘capes, folds, drapes’ on March 2nd 2023 in Minerva Café, Plymouth.

a sort of scarf, that drapes slightly unfeasibly over his left arm, falling across the bicep from shoulder to middle of the forearm, become columnar in treatment, the sinuous formalized draperies wrapped around the elongated figures, deep and pale, break upon this with a gorgeous pattern of flying rose, blue, scarlet, orange, and white draperies, swagged at his neck, drapes across his right knee, loops around both arms, and then a bright red flurry of cloak

A pipe fold – hanging from one point, as in a cloth picked up and held between finger and thumb;

A spiral fold – a series of parallel or almost parallel folds and creases or wrinkles where the fabric is wrapped or draped round a cylindrical form

And his cape! The dramatically flowing cape! the rustle of his cape trailing on the herringbone floor rasping majestically in the air. His cape was pink and full of glitter … Letting the wind move his cape , Reflecting what happened. His cape flapping in the wind, his white lensed eyes staring down at the city. His cape extending outward on the way down until it took a gliding – Yup, he can turn his cape into his wings.

indenting and protrusion, tighter at fixing points clinging, from neck to ankle, a mixture of soft and angular folds, rounding over the broad shoulder, falling near vertically across the back, scrunching into a sequence of back and forth diagonals to escape at the hem something about surface, its preparedness to accept, a page or panel ready to receive marks, a piece of fabric carrying an image can fold and crush to distort that image but may reveal the dramatic sweep also reading as swishing flounce, for every musclebound dark knight there will be a scarlet pimpernel or an opera-cloaked villain

and then how to manage the complex foldings and gatherings and clusterings of fabric, pulled to an elbow, gathered at a hip, wrapped around the neck, the sandlike and the pearly on the side of chance, and the velvety and the grasslike on the side of tendency, the fabric pulled into shorter regular wrinkles by the pale cloth band wrapped round his waist,

A diaper fold – here the fabric is suspended between two points of fixing or holding, as in the fabric of a robe across the lap when seated, or a loose garment hanging from shoulder clasps;

A zig-zag fold – sections of fold cross and interrupt each other, in a zig-zag manner moving down the area of fabric

VERY nice, love how his Cape makes it look like you’re turning the page of a comic book (at least to me) / Absolutely adore the rendering style of his cape! SO Sooo sleek / (when they wanted to perfect the flowing water animation of his cape) / the way his cape reflects the light omg this is so legendary / love the lighting and the way his cape flies in the wind / the second frame…that was doing sumn to me idk the flames and him just standing there his cape blowing / …sparkles of his cape’s colours trailing behind him, but as soon as he reaches top speed he then gets the full signature cape that he would usually get from reaching EXTRA in the Runner games.

shifting curves and folds with points of tighter turning a vast cape clusters, draped over the upraised arm and in a flow and spill of curling angular eddies creates an intricate edge, lava-dark peninsulas pushing round inlets of bare white; the cloth hides and reveals, it covers a limb and draping and clinging it also shows that leg or shoulder, details of muscle or skeleton beneath while still veiling that body; the cloak can feel excessive, there’s too much fabric, too many folds and flowing and falling, so it is a bit over the top, extravagant, conspicuous consumption and display

variation in curvature, which is nonoptimizable, is where the most is not worth more than the least, but is worth something in the inflected passage, this edge showing as a clean diagonal from rear ankle to forward calf, the folds suggesting a lighter softer more flowing fabric, as a result, reminding one of the recurring concave and convex of the rolling waves of the sea

A half-lock fold – this forms where a cylinder of fabric is bent, or a draped area is caught in a closing angle,

A drop fold – where a section of fabric drops out from the main body, sags free in a bagginess or fullness

/ it makes me kind of crazy that alhaitham Could wear his cape properly but makes an active choice not to and simply bares his shoulder and armpit to the world / sometimes I get curious about what Wire is hiding under his cape. like what is this… / Victor’s cape was much different anyways, it had a lighter red color plus a Cinderace logo on the back. / Really wish I could use the cape as Robin it is not fun constantly tapping L1 to traverse the free roam. Rocksteadys Robin could use his cape makes no sense why you would take that away. / i really wanted to include clips at the end of him kneeling on stage and lifting up his cape from different performances but i could not for the life of me find ANY like

losing their identity as they descend the right hand side falls toward the floor, in rich scarlet folds, which turn obliquely left as she gathers some fabric in her hand, her fingers clutching the stuff to form diagonal widening folds in an art practice that values artifice or presentations of virtuosity representation of drapery can be a showy display; light and shade, curls and curves offer the artist accidental forms and shapes timeless draped figures gathering swags of material around their form indicating status or their belonging in an out-of-time utopia where abstracted white able-bodied humans play out abstract concepts

lifted and thrown over her right shoulder, showing more of the pale interior, a loop of the red outside over her breast, repeating and continuing the vertical lines of the shafts and the subsidiary mouldings of the arrangement of the drapery, and with her green dress flowing and rippling as it meets the floor, and two dark clad feet barely peep out

A flying or moving fold – a fold where the fabric is suspended and in motion whether in the sweep of a cape, or a light fabric wafted on hot air;

An inert fold – folds formed where the fabric is resting or lying on a surface, where a garment has been dropped, or where a long tunic or train meets the floor or table

He opened his eyes, his cape billowing briefly because of the smoke and the remnants of the summoning. He pulls down the hood of his cape to reveal his full mask, his voice was… softer then expected. He moves towards her as the rippled bat-wing like, fins which adorned the bottom of his cape move along with each step that he took towards her, the little knight visibly deflates, letting go of his cape, rubbing the back of his head with a nervous laugh, he waves dismissively. A quiet chuckle leaves him, hands lifting to unclasp his cape and carefully drapes it over her shoulders.

softening as they move with gravity from the cinch point the folds on the left of the tunic’s skirt fall vertically, graduating from narrow to wider as they curve toward the centre; the gathering creates crossing diagonal folds, stiffly draping and forming dark acute triangles of deeper shadow a relationship of analogy operates between the surface on which the images are drawn and the fabric represented on it; an accidental fall or flow of fabric is stopped in a drawing; held in a fleeting catch as a set of curves or shades that give an impression or illusion of folds

where figures have identifiable costumes with continuity across episodes or instances, a red white and blue costume, or object of any kind, seen in full light and shade, relieved at any of its edges either as dark against light, or as light against dark, losing the relationship to the accurate rendering of a fall of cloth across a seated lap so that the folds are fixed as a set of angular marks, run into solid blacks in the deepest interstices of the forms, as when folds of drapery are wrapped about