Art Writing

‘Telling Time’, a workbook for participants in a Communal Making session at Jamboree 2018, Dartington, Devon, June 2018.

‘An Action Movie (for NW): reading time code action’, an Afterword to Action Score Generator by Nathan Walker, ifpthenq Books, February 2015

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‘With Particular Attention: Martha Winter’s material occurrences’, for Market Project, Cambridge, April 2012 (excerpt here)

‘Excerpt from Pursuing Pursuit (I am bound to follow) with Jack, John, Rock and Hard ([1987], 2012)’, for The ties that bind …, exhibition and installation by Steven Paige, Exeter Phoenix, published by Library of Independent Exchange, January 2012

‘“Where stone is dark under froth”: Screening the datastream’, catalogue text for Katy Connor’s Pure Flow, Exeter Phoenix and Permanent Books, December 2009

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Critical Writing

‘Contextualising “his voice”: Disrupted Utterance in a Digital Material Interface.’ Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures no. 20, 2019. doi:10.20415/hyp/020.int01

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Poetry and Prose

‘dublin emblem series #7’ in Frontpage Backpage Centrefold: Selected Work by Devon and Cornwall Artists, CAMP and Flock South West, November 2022

4 stanzas from ‘Achieving Occupancy’ published at Argotist Online Poetry, May 2022

At Sounds Like: 3 Projects, if p then q press, September 2021

4 visual-textual poems in Synapse #5: Flashes of Language in Revolt, edited by Olchar Lindsann; monOcle-Lash Anti-Press, April 2021

‘thaw biddy and melt’, an audio poem, included in Tell Me Something podcast, episode 2, compiled by Ysella Sims for Poetic Licence, April 2021

‘Hello! This is a test.’, a radio project for, season 46, #834; commissioned by Soundart Radio; first broadcast March 22 2021

‘9×9: a set of poems under constraint’, an online commission for hyperlocal by Arts & Culture Exeter, April 2020

‘Yesterday’s Not Here’ in Love Bites: Fiction inspired by Pete Shelley and Buzzcocks, edited by Andrew Gallix, Tomoé Hill and C. D. Rose, Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2019, pp. 99-100

‘What did he do with his pipe?’ in The Graveside Orations of Carl Einstein, edited by Dale Holmes and Sharon Kivland, Ma Bibliotheque, 2019, pp 87-90

Two Poems from Blazon in Tentacular Issue #4, 2019

‘She Mick on JB’s Island’, Purge 6, ed. Robert Hampson, February 2019

3 poems from ‘revised dictionary supplement’ on Stride Magazine, edited by Rupert Loydell, January 2019

Contribution to the project According to John James, edited by Kelvin Corcoran, Shearsman Books, October 2018

Subject to Gesture, Dock Road Press, Liverpool, April 2017

2 pieces in The Curly Mind, isssue #3, April 2016

’12 quartets’ from his many voice(s) in The Other Room Anthology 8, April 2016

‘2 poems’ in The Wardrobe, September 2015

‘mise en abyme’, a contribution to international online art project Telephone, April 2015

‘Hello, This is a Test!’, a contribution to The Opticon – A Newspaper on Privacy and Surveillance. Part of Torque #2 – The Act of Reading, Tate Liverpool, February 2015

lengths and ends: six poems for Penzance, presentation and publication as outcome of CAZ Weekender Residency, Penlee Bowling Club, Penzance, October 2012

“and the little magnetic atoms turn and set themselves in orderly lines”; in ‘odes’, Freaklung (nineerrors poetry zine), unpaginated; June 2010

‘Guaranteed Insurance’; text to accompany online animation project by Mocksim; September 2009 at:; also published in tiktoc 6, ISSN 2040-0012, unpaginated; Summer 2010

Swatches: a sequence, Acts of Language, Dartington, December 2009