review of Christodoulos Makris ‘this is no longer entertainment’

On May 29th my review of Christodoulos Makris’ this is no longer entertainment from Dostoyevsky Wannabe will be published on the Stride magazine site. Makris’ book gathers material from online comment threads on media and news websites across several years and edits these into a poem sequence of seventy-one sections.

The text is organised, shaped, to offer an obviously self-conscious curating of the material, opinions, ideas encountered there. ‘The word curate is not a synonym for “chosen” or “collected”. (119) This is a reading, that is open to other and others’ readings, it frames a view without determining what another will see there.

you could say you are parasitical on their labour (78)

it doesn’t include labels nor pity

it just floats quietly

and serves to begin conversations such as this (103)

review of new publication by Patrick Dubost

I have a review up on Stride Magazine blog, of Patrick Dubost’s new publication Manifesto for a Modern Theatre In 49 Interchangeable And Optional Articles. Published by Knives, Forks and Spoons Press, the work is translated from the French by Eleanor Margolies, and includes photocollage illustrations by Sylvie Villaume.

In much of Dubost’s wider practice he performs with musicians, where his vocal improvisation operates among and with other instruments in live sound events. These events are a mode of theatre, at work with language, sound, and meaning, with what can be heard, and what might be understood. The 49 articles in this Manifesto might be read as a guide or annotation for those performances. And as a prompt to performances by other readers.

You can read the review HERE.