Organ of Corti – assembly begins

I’m currently working with Liminal (David Prior and Frances Crow) on their project Organ of Corti. This project won the PRSF New Music Award 2010 and will tour to four sites in England during July and August 2011. There are full details of the project at the website

Next week we are doing a trial build of the installation, getting all the elements together and building the work to see how long the installation takes, and to check for any snags. We’ve been given space at Dartington, the old Theatre at Foxhole, so there is enough room to have all the tubes and base units and to put them together. We hope to have a sneak preview of the assembled Organ of Corti at Foxhole Theatre on Monday 20th June.

We’re using big rolls of polystyrene sheeting to wrap the fragile Perspex tubes. Each is 3.5 metres long.