Arduino Workshop

On Saturday 21st May I attended a workshop on Digital Aesthetics at Spacex , Exeter. The workshop was led by ?Graham DeanĀ of HighWire at Lancaster University and focussed on working with Arduinos. It was organised to coincide with the exhibition The Recipe Exchange by Helen Pritchard.

We were introduced to the Arduino, an opensource microprocessor, and looked at different applications of these by artists and designers. We then spent the day writing code, wiring the ‘breadboard’ and assembling functioning digital objects.

As an opensource technology these offer opportunities to artists to work outside the branded and licenced environment and to be part of an international community of designers, developers and artists. In the short workshop we got to make LEDs function, going on and off to a set time, added a sound emitting element, and set up a manual control to affect the speed of blinking, and a light response input to affect light output.

All very basic in ways, but also the building blocks or base elements for potentially much more complex objects. The video shows our simple construction.

arduino workshop