A Grand Gesture: Wax Paper Hour radio show on Nov 29th

wax paper gesture

On November 29th I will be a guest presenter on Marcy Saude’s Wax Paper Hours radio show on Soundart Radio. Running from 5 to 7pm (1700 to 1900hrs) the programme can be listened to on 102.5 FM in the Totnes area of South Devon. If you are further afield, then you can listen live online at http://soundartradio.org.uk/.

Each episode of Marcy’s show has a different theme, or is organised around a different idea. For November we are working with gestures, perhaps counterintuitive for radio, but we’ll see what happens. A Grand Gesture will mix music (vinyl and digital) and readings that engage with gesture across cultures, media and genres.

poems on tentacular issue 4

I have two poems, ‘Gules‘ and ‘Cuirass‘ from the Blazon sequence out now on the website tentacular. Edited by Jonathan Catherall, issue 4 is focused on varieties of translation, visual, from other languages, across divides.

The poems in Blazon are the outcome of a sequence of homolinguistic translation procedures. These were carried out using chance guided operations and substitutions on the textual content of an online directory of websites.