‘mise en abyme’ appearing as part of Telephone, an online art project

As part of an international online art project titled Telephone, I wrote a prose-poetry text in response to an image by Norwegian  photographer Stig Marlon Weston. The project goes live on Monday 20th April 2015. It includes work in a range of media, from participants across the planet.

In our game of TELEPHONE, we whispered the message from art form to art form. So the message could become poetry, then a painting, then music, then film, and so on. Each artist was only aware of the work of art that directly preceded her or his own. Each artist received a work and was told to translate the message into the language of his or her own art form.

The other twist was that when an artist sent back their interpretive work, we then “whispered” it to two or three other artists. Instead of progressing in a single, straight line, our game of TELEPHONE branched out exponentially like a family tree. This interactive, online exhibition presents 315 original and interconnected works in 18 different art forms, created specifically for this experiment by artists from 159 cities in 42 countries. And it all originated with a single message.

My text, ‘mise en abyme’, is a series of fragments of possible or potential narratives. It began with me writing up associations prompted by the image, and then developed via chance and constraint operations, before an editing stage that sought to emphasise ‘story’ aspects of each paragraph.

A direct link to ‘mise en abyme’

performing ‘flat-head self-tapping’ as part of Care & Attend on April 30th 2015

On Thursday April 30th I will perform ‘flat-head self-tapping’ as part of Care & Attend, at Chelsea School of Art, London.

Care + Attend

Curated by Emma Cocker and Joanne Lee

Part of Unconditional Love, The Society for Artistic Research Spring Event

Care + Attend comprises a constellation of fragments and extracts – of different intensities and durations – where the exposition of research emerges as a poetic and performative event, generating moments of potential resonance and dialogue. This event explores the theme Unconditional Love through the principles (perhaps even methodologies) of care and attention, as applied within specific (artistic) practices of both the everyday and of the self. Beginning with the observation that both curate and curiosity have shared etymology in the term ‘care’, Care + Attend seeks to develop a research vocabulary based on receptivity, openness, fidelity, integrity, intimacy, friendship and commitment (whilst not ignoring the parallel principles of distraction, inattention, the act of closing one’s eyes or of looking away). Cocker and Lee have invited a range of artists & writers to share and reflect on their own processes, philosophies and politics of care and attention, and to present these through live performance, screenings and spoken word. Contributors include Kate Briggs, Daniela Cascella, Belén Cerezo, Emma Cocker, Steve Dutton + Neil Webb, Victoria Gray, Rob Flint, Mark Leahy, Joanne Lee, Martin Lewis, Sarat Maharaj, Brigid McLeer, Hester Reeve, and Lisa Watts.

Care + Attend is part of a 2 day event entitled Unconditional Love organised by The Society for Artistic Research Spring Event taking place 30 April – 1 May 2015 at Chelsea College of the Arts / University of the Arts London.
Central to this event is the notion of unconditional love, which could mean a commitment to the dynamics of open and engaged exchange, or an obsessive pursuit of the unattainable.
The full programme can be found here: http://www.societyforartisticresearch.org/fileadmin/autoren/pdf/unconditional_love.pdf