‘Redefining Print’ at Double Elephant Print Workshop

In a couple of weeks I will begin work on a new project with Double Elephant Print Workshop in Exeter. Along with three other artists (Katy Connor, Bryony Gillard, Clare Thornton) I’ve been selected for the Redefining Print project. Over the next year we will work on commissions to develop print-focussed responses that begin in performance and other non-print art practices. There will be an exhibition in Autumn 2015 at Exeter Phoenix, with a catalogue, and a response in writing by Carolyn Black. Looking forward to the process and the outcomes.

Katy Connor   www.katyconnor.com

Bryony Gillard   www.bryonykategillard.blogspot.co.uk

Clare Thornton   www.clarethornton.com

Double Elephant   www.doubleelephant.org.uk