participating in Rosanna Irvine’s Perception Frames

Over the past few months I have been involved with a research process being led by choreographer Rosanna Irvine. Irvine and a number of dancers / performers have met for a series of day-long working and testing events. The project involves the development of a set of written instructions / score. I have participated as a mover, responding to the instructions, and taking part with other movers in the activity and conversation. On the most recent day of working, October 2nd, I sat out from the movement action, and made written notes. I am now in the process of refining or revising and expanding these notes.

The writing activity has been an interesting hybrid or folding together of thoughts on what is happening in the space among the movers, what I notice in them, and what I hear in the instructions. At times the writing also attempts to follow those instructions, responding in words, phrases, letters, to the score as offered to the movers. A key element of these instructions direct or support activity of attending and noticing, attending to perception, noticing sensing. The text now in process reflects this seeing hearing feeling.