Voice Recognition: a performance at Bluecoat Liverpool on October 16th

On Sunday October 16th, I am taking part in Electronic Voice Phenomena at the Bluecoat Liverpool. Organised by Mercy with support from Mark Greenwood, the event begins at 2030hrs and will include performances and presentations by Holly Pester, Nathan Jones, Emma Bennett and Soriah.

My contribution is:

Voice Recognition: a Play (after Gertrude Stein, William Shakespeare and Rolf Harris)

In the winter of 1969-70 Rolf Harris had a number one hit in the UK and Ireland with ‘Two Little Boys’. Some time after this my cousin and I were pressed to sing the song together, to be recorded by a visiting American relation. The scene has remained with me. It was my first encounter with my recorded voice, and is wrapped up with questions of identity, difference, and becoming. It also raises questions of what may be found in the reproduction of spoken or sung text. What is this unique trace? Who do we hear here?