MA Platforms Dartington, 2007-2010

In my role as MA Programme Leader at Dartington I managed the annual Platform of MA students’ work. This was presented each year as a three-day festival across the studios and campus. Work shown included live art, performance writing, theatre, choreography, music, visual arts, arts management and curating.

Each year the completing students worked on planning and promoting their presentation of final projects. My role included management of the budget, programming the work into the spaces and dates available, support for the students, negotiation with external partners and contracting catering, accommodation and transport.

Some documentation of the events is accessible via these links:

out here: MA Show 2007

mashow 2008      

MA Show 2009

ultimate dArt: MA Show 2010

Introduction to mamagazine, published to accompany mashow 2008

MA Show promotional cards