new text in MA Bibliotheque publication

My contribution ‘What did he do with his pipe?’ is included in The Graveside Orations of Karl Einstein, a new publication from Ma Bibliotheque, edited by Dale Holmes and Sharon Kivland.

At the memorial for Rosa Luxemburg on 13 June 1919, the political radical, art historian, critic, and writer Carl Einstein gave an oration. There is no record of what Einstein said, how he said it, or what it addressed. This collection assembles a broad range of texts from artists, film-makers, writers, poets, critics, philosophers, and art historians. Each contribution is a speculation on what Einstein might have delivered, each as likely and as unlikely to be Einstein’s as any other.

In my piece I present a fictional or imagined synthesis of accounts made by government or right wing spies who attempt, but fail, to record Einstein’s speech. Their observations and annotations generate a faulty record of the gestures of the speaker.

The publication is available from the Ma Bibliotheque website.

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‘She Mick …’ in Purge 6

The latest issue of the occasional magazine Purge, edited by Robert Hampson has just arrived. Purge 6: hostile environment includes work by Allen Fisher, Drew Milne, Karen Sandhu, David Herd and Amy Evans Bauer among others. My piece ‘She Mick on JB’s Island’ is published as a supplement to this issue.

‘hostile environment’ refers to the expressed policy in 2012 of Theresa May, then Home Secretary. It was her intention to make the UK a hostile environment for migrants and those seeking asylum. In practice, the implementation of this policy distributed the function of border officials into the everyday work of administrators in hospitals, universities, letting agencies etc.

‘She Mick on JB’s Island’ draws on my mother’s experience of migration to the UK in the 1950s, and folds this with a sense of the limiting of expression, silencing of voices, caused by this hostile environment, and the disproportionate impact of the policy on lives of women.

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Review of Rowan Evans’ Last Verses of Beccán

My review of Rowan Evans’ new publication from Guillemot Press, The Last Verses of Beccán is live now on the Stride website.

Lastness, lateness and the left behind are woven through this book, from the title, to references to last things (‘eschaton’), to grave slabs, cemeteries and remains within the shifting sounds and forms of its mix of languages. Here are heard the leftovers of poems written on the edge, in the far outposts of a Christian world, the last place before wide ocean, somewhere to go to escape your fate or to end your days.

Read the rest of the review HERE.

More details of the publication at Guillemot Press.

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Emergency Index vol. 7

Volume 7, the latest volume of Emergency Index, “an annual document of performance practice”, has recently been published. Covering 260 works made across 51 countries through 2017, the book gives an overview of activity in live and performance art. My projects, Subject to Gesture, with Benjamin D. Duvall in Liverpool; and Tears in Rain, which was part of Plymouth Art Weekender 2017, are both documented in this publication.

The Ugly Duckling Presse website includes further information on this volume. HERE

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Review of Peter Jaeger’s Midamble at Stride magazine

midamble photo

I have written a review of Peter Jaeger’s recent publication, Midamble (ifpthenq books, 2018) for the Stride magazine website edited by Rupert Loydell. HERE

Midamble is a walking book, not a book of guided walks, and not a book that discusses techniques or training for walking, but a walking book nonetheless. In two bands of text running continuously through the book we feel walking or we are offered records of sensations and experiences of walking, alongside rhythms and repetitions that echo walking.

The book is available HERE

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