season’s greetings

‘condiments of the season’

best wishes for the turning of the year

and hope for good things in the year to come

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‘threaded insert’ for Tears in Rain at PAW 2017

‘threaded insert’ on Sun 24th September at Plymouth Athenaeum

I will perform a new work, ‘threaded insert’ as part of a group project Tears in Rain for Plymouth Art Weekender 2017 at Plymouth Athenaeum, on Sunday 24th September. Tears in Rain is a day-long event bringing together a range of practices by artists whose work uses live or performance elements, alongside participation, moving image and installation. The programme mixes durational and installed work with timed events and actions, and the Athenaeum Auditorium shapes and influences the work. The project includes new works and works adapted to suit this particular context with actions happening throughout the space, projections, a lecture, one-to-one interaction and improvised responses to the site. The artists in Tears in Rain are: Mo Bottomley / Katrina Brown / Mark Leahy / Steven Paige / Marcy Saude / Minou Tsambika

In ‘threaded insert’ I receive via headphones a series of instructions, for orientation, movement, speech, and other actions including spelling words, randomly selected from a database of short audio files. The content derives from guides and instructions for ‘proper’ speech, rules for social and public behaviour, and control or modification of the body. I will perform the work three times over the course of the event, starting from a different point in the building each time, mapping a different course and telling a different tale in response to the received instructions. The score is applicable to any site or any building, but is also specific in the spoken responses and movements it generates; ‘threaded insert’ could be anywhere, but when I am performing in the Athenaeum, the work will also bring attention to qualities and features of that particular space.


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‘his voice’ at dataAche, DRHA 2017, Plymouth

On Tuesday September 12th I will present ‘his voice’ at dataAche, DRHA2017 at Plymouth University. dataAche is the 21st international conference on Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts (DRHA). Happening over four days, the event will mix keynote papers, workshops, installations and performance.

‘his voice’ presents a live voicing of the results of orchestrated Twitter searches. It is an ongoing project that has a number of iterations and outcomes. A body of text, gathered via online searches for “his voice sounded like”, has been edited to develop two- or three-word phrases, which are then used to search Twitter. In the live event the search results are converted to audio using text-to-speech software. This audio is delivered to me via headphones, and I attempt to speak it. The results include URLs, hashtags and other coded elements that are common in tweets. The flow of information meets the limits of vocal ability and the spoken output may spill into stuttering, gaps and incoherence.


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Breathing Line for Dance4 in Nottingham on Sept 9 2017

On September 9th I will be one of seven performers in the premiere presentation of Breathing Line by Rosanna Irvine.

Breathing Line is a live event, part human sculpture, part series of actions and exchanges, that will happen in Sneinton Market, Nottingham between 1130 and 1400hrs on Saturday 9th September. The work begins with a group of closely coordinated performers processing through the streets near the Market. Marking their passage, they lay a trail of £1 coins. Participants are then asked to commit to a positive action in exchange for 10 of these pound coins. The work raises questions around exchange and transaction, and invites reflection on our sense of value and what we imagine a positive action might be.

Breathing Line is commissioned and produced by Dance4.

It is part of Rosanna Irvine’s Figure Series, funded by Arts Council England.

Rosanna has posted a short piece discussing the background to the work here



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‘Voice Recognition: A Play’ at Listening to Literature, Exeter University, July 28th

I will present a version of ‘Voice Recognition: A Play’ at Listening to Literature: A One Day Symposium on Soundscapes, which will take place at The Queen’s Building, University of Exeter on Friday July 28th 2017.

Link for Registration via Eventbrite.

How do we hear literature, and how do we write about hearing? How is music represented in literature, or literature represented in music? This one day symposium aims to bring together researchers from a variety of disciplines to discuss cultural perceptions of literary soundscapes, the difficulty of capturing sound in text, and the way text is expressed in sound.


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