‘An Action Movie (for NW): reading time code action’

My essay titled ‘An Action Movie (for NW): reading time code action’ has just been published as the Afterword to Nathan Walker‘s Action Score Generator, published by ifpthenq.



placards between ears roll by observer

“What is it to speak chant whisper a name to hold sing explain these six-word objects planks bags? Naming them will touch on their similarity to or affinity with other forms I know – newspaper headlines, flag slogans, t-shirt statements, postcard captions. These forms each pull behind them strings of context and intention, and push towards their audience, their crowd in particular ways. The sense of event is below behind within the words, as the sets collect tighten carry a performance, and play out a game. Reading here is being present at the event of the words appearing, and witnessing the playing out of the rules for the performance.”


More information and purchasing links can be found HERE.


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