bibliophile for Counter: Plymouth 19 October 2014

bibliophile at Counter, Plymouth

voice // score // text


bibliophile is an occasional publication

bibliophile is a curated publishing event

bibliophile is the (work of) the participants in bibliophile

bibliophile is y(ours)


for Counter: Plymouth Artists’ Book Fair at Plymouth Art Centre, October 19 2014 bibliophile will have its third occurrence. this instance of bibliophile is coordinated by Mark Leahy and Steven Paige

a number of artists, writers and performers who work with or use text, language and/or voice have been invited to contribute a short piece of work for the page. the theme for this instance of bibliophile is voice / score / text, and calls for work that considers these terms, their relations, and how they might be presented on an A4 or A5 page in black and white.

keeping to a ‘just-in-time’ model, the bibliophile publication will be made on the day, in the space at Plymouth Arts Centre. a basic laser printer will be used, and standard copy paper. individual contributions will be collated, and visitors on the day will have the option to purchase a bound copy of the collected work. coloured card wrappers and a simple binding method will be used.

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